"Emcer is a group company of SOL Tiles and Sanford Tiles, two renowned brands in the ceramics industry, combining the best of knowledge and innovation with more than three decades of experience. Our aim is to revolutionise the industry by introducing unprecedented tiles that truly raise the bar of quality one step higher.

Being part of the Emcer Group means sharing our knowledge, technical innovation, highest standards and attention to detail. We are an unshakeable vision, an unwavering ambition and a relentless determination. Our strong corporate structure is able to meet the needs of a changing market, offering innovative and premium products that will meet the highest customer demands.

We like to think innovatively, we like to think creatively, we like to think differently. "Emcer is a place where every employee can allow themselves to be creative and express their ideas. We encourage innovation and strive for continuous improvement so that we can offer only the best solutions to our customers.

"Emcer is a group of innovative and premium tiles that inspire and create new trends in the industry. With us, you not only get the perfect tiles, but also an experience that will set your project apart from the rest.

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